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  • I post occasionally at (mostly in Dutch, some English posts).
  • I  am an irregular yet actively caring tweeter
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  • I left Facebook as of April 9th 2018! That was a bit scary, but in hindsight mostly liberating. I really have no time left to Facebook… since I had started reading wonderful daily paper newspaper Trouw (currently I am hoping they’ll take a firm public anti armstrade stance in the Trump/Russia/Syria warmongering that’s going on).  Then Arjen Lubach came with his #byebyefacebook item and all the privacy/big data issues Facebook is responsible for… exactly the nudge to push me over my fomo. Especially events, I was worried I would miss out, both attending, being in the know, and organising. However, I realized it was mostly fomo, and I had been clicking on interested more to reassure myself and please others, than to actually attend. Which gave me guilttrips and stress – for not attending. Oh, how the christian/judeo guilt norms are hardwired into my neural networks! Rewiring… yes! I am free! Back to Twitter and considering Instagram, Google, Eventbrite, Meetup… we’ll see where fortune takes me. Oh yes and I did install Signal (again), but this time I might get round to dragging some peeps with me (and not minding losing the other Whatsapp groups). Cheerio =)



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February 9, 2009 at 3:02 pm

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